About Patriensa

Patriensa  is one of the 26 villages and towns within the Asante Akim district of Ghana. The district is part of the Ashanti region in south central Ghana. The district measures approximately 100,000 square kilometers, with about 140,000 residents.

The village of Patriensa has about 4,000 residents. Theirs is an agrarian economy, with about 74% of the population working in farming. The cash incomes of the people are very limited since most of the crops grown are for local consumption. The illiteracy rate is high, and unemployment rate is very high. Access to health services is very limited.

On August 4, 2001, the village launched the Asante Akim Multipurpose Community Telecentre (AAMCT). This, we believe, is a giant leap into modernity and the best way to address the digital divide in a serious, coordinated way. The project will bring the benefits of the information revolution to the people of Patriensa and the country, Ghana. It promises improved health services, agricultural information, and business opportunities.

The Asante Akim Multipurpose Community Telecentre is a joint venture with Ghana Computer Literacy & Distance Education, Incorporated(GhaCLAD), a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation, in collaboration with Greenstar. GHACLAD is committed to the inclusion of Ghana and the rest of Africa in the mushrooming information technology movement and the empowerment of disadvantaged groups in rural and urban Ghana in gaining access to indigenous and emerging information communications technologies. The organization is committed to utilizing information for capacity building as a way to accelerate socio-economic development in rural and urban Ghana.

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